Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Blog for a new project

Greetings people of the blogger-sphere,

This is the first post of a brand spanking new blog, I really want this to be an inspiring explosion of creativity on your screens, that you will want to follow and say ooh and ahh in all the right places. The main function of this blog is show you the inner workings of my art and to document my growth as an artist.

So first and fore-most I've started a new project which will culminate in finished piece on canvas. I'm trying to move myself away from the computer and get back to a tactile working process, all paints, sketches and gluing my hand to the table.

Here are examples of my sketchbook from the past few days. My main focus for this is the bluebird and the theme of vibrant decay.

Personal tidbit:

I've found ever since I got my audible account I've been hooked on the Skulduggery Pleasant books, they are amazing pieces of literature and I recommend them wholeheartedly as a treat for your eyes and ears.

The author is also on blogger so go follow him for some entertaining reads

Derek Landy - clickable goodness

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